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What is Create Your Wealth

Create Your Wealth was founded to serve as a guide to anyone that is seeking to understand, manage, or generate wealth that is vast enough to last beyond their lifetime and provide benefit to generations to come. Through my experience in working with individuals, families, institutions, and foundations in this space, I aim to share the same knowledge and tools that they have used to be successful in creating and preserving significant sums of money.

The Ultra-High Net Worth (commonly classified as $25MM+ in investable assets) did not make their wealth by chance the overwhelming majority of the time. It takes dedication to understanding your situation and the goals and intent of the money. Without clear direction and communication, the wealth disappears rather quickly and negative emotions can arise.

My goal is to help you think from an Ultra-High Net Worth investor's lens in every step of your journey with money. This begins at the accumulation phase when you are first trying to figure out how to generate assets and what your future goals are. It then continues into the growth phase when momentum starts to build and you can capture the powers of compound interest and gain exposure to new forms of investments and opportunities. Next, we arrive at the preservation phase that is characterized by not taking as much risk as the previous phases and truly letting your wealth provide for you, your family, and the causes that bring you happiness. Finally, it is time to plan for the next generation and how you want them to continue the legacy you have created and help guide their understanding of money and the possible opportunities it can afford them.

Along the way, I will provide not just possible investment paths and results, but also strategies that have benefited the top 1% in each stage of their life. This will include topics like how wealth is created, the best ways to transfer it, tax considerations, estate planning techniques, lifestyle considers, and much more. I am excited to begin this journey with all of you and am committed to always providing the most objective and straightforward information that I can.

For my background, I have spent time advising UHNW families at two of the largest and well regarded Wall Street firms over my career. My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in finance and MIS, as well as an MBA in finance from a top 25 ranked program. Through my experiences in dealing with clients that have large and complex balance sheets, I have gained insight into the steps they took to build their empires and their succession plans for when their time on earth has come to an end. These lessons are principles that apply to everyone regardless of the number of zeros behind their name.

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